Tell us your story! In my early teenage, a feeling of Writing sprouted in me. The credit of sowing this seed goes to my Father who is also a writer. One fine day I felt that I wanted someone to listen to my Shoptalk--something about what happened daily at school. A sudden idea popped up... Continue Reading →


Gender distinction is a social evil that is common in our society. A baby is born to witness the unrealistic world unknowingly confronting the trials and tribulations day in and day out.  When she grows, she feels ambiguous standing at the crossroads being unable to choose the path she has to tread on. At this juncture,... Continue Reading →

Setting Sun and the SEA….

Solitary on the sands, The breeze caressing my hair with gentle hands, Although all was Unplanned, Still looked grand, as in a Fairyland;                   I’d never choose gold,                    I ’d better put the present time on hold.  ... Continue Reading →

Under the Shade of my Dad’s Canopy

My tears filled memories through the past wade, Never do I desire the pleasant scene to fade   Oh, my Beloved! Let’s be together for decades For I stay relieved under your shades. Green Leaves fall on me, Making me stuffed with glee, You never regret losing anything for me; Instead, you feel contented and... Continue Reading →

A Life-long Race…..

A seed never knows how long it has to survive, an ant doesn’t know what moment will it come across death.   Life is such uncertainty. A man never knows when his last breath lasts.  From the day one when the baby opens its tiny and pretty eyes it does not have an iota of idea... Continue Reading →

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